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Retightening the bolt
November 22, 2016 | 20:49 | Written by: snake911

Very productive two weeks working on the backend of the site.  Due to the CMS making a ton of changes even when compared to just a few versions back, I needed to get schooled on what modifications were made because there were a number of things that were not working that were before.  On top of that, the backup service I depend on from my webhost was acting up.  This problem bugged me the most because it was an additional service I was paying extra for!

But after a few support calls to resolve the backup issue (which I eventually had to figure out myself), then reading up on what to do for the new CMS version via the forums, documentation, GitHub, official blog, and the such, everything seems to be working fine.  Well, actually there's just one last thing left to resolve and all will be good again.  In case you noticed, the new CMS version is the reason why there was an obvious missing media object towards the bottom of the latest MS Home article.  I don't include a wall of text that high!  I like to break it up a bit with some images or video files.

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