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The candy man
November 17, 2016 | 20:29 | Written by: snake911

Reese's, you’ve done it again.

Of all the candies out there, Reese's is hands down my favorite.  Whenever they try something new, I’m willing to try out.  Expanding from their traditional cups and Reese's Pieces, I tried their version of a Kit-Kat called Reese's Sticks and 3 Musketeers with Reese's Whipps, and along with about a half dozen more products they’ve released over the years.

But what they’ve done recently was a stroke of genius when they’ve combined their Big Cups by adding Reese's Pieces in them.  Yes, one product is cannibalizing the other to make one delicious treat that has peanut butter on top of more peanut butter.  And as you’d expect, the texture is delicious when you bite a Pieces in half, and then chewing a Pieces when you’re already munching on the Big Cup.  Truly a gift from the gods for us mere mortals.

It’s because of stuff like this is why, in my book, you Reese's are number 1.

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