The Ill Communication

About a year ago I had this idea: what if there was a game based on the television show Seinfeld?  AND it was released during the 16-bit console days.  Since it would be a dialog heavy game and the technology wasn’t really there for voice acting, text at the bottom of the screen would be needed.  Also, this game would use highly compressed screenshots of the show for the in-game visuals instead of an artist drawing cartoon like frames.  I have no idea what the gameplay would be like nor a reason why such a game would exist except for the series was HOT and NBC would like to capitalize on it by making merchandise like a video game.  With only a visual concept in mind, I created two comic style like layouts for this game.  Once I had a template and a workflow worked out, I created about ten more of these comics.  Below is a list of those comics.  The interface was inspired from games like Wayne's World (SNES), Phantasy Star (Genesis) and Clock Tower (SNES).

Hello – Jerry once said, “I've looked into his eyes.  He's pure evil.”  Episode: The Millennium

Frank – George’s dad is always eccentric and quick to anger.  Here he’s shouting an expression as a rage controlling exercise.  Episode: The Serenity Now

Big salad – Give credit where credit is due, or else....  Episode: The Big Salad

Soup Nazi – Probably the most well-known antagonist from the show.  Because of this, I had no choice but to capture a scene with him in it.  Episode: The Soup Nazi

Voice – Kramer: “What about the driver?”  This discussion between Kramer and Jerry regarding Jerry’s girlfriend was fast and funny.  I wanted to capture more with Kramer for this comic thing, but he’s more of a physical character with a lot of motion in his expressions.  Since that doesn’t work too well in a comic format, the scenes I can pick with him in them are very limited.  Episode: The Stall

Twix – Jerry is trying to buy a car while George is stuck there starving to death.  What could go wrong?  Episode: The Dealership

Metallica – I’m surprised the writers knew of the band; especially before all of the Napster stuff.  Episode: The Lip Reader

8 ball – Such an iconic item from the show I had to include it like with the Soup Nazi.  It was hard to capture this scene because it’s shown during the credits.  I had to cut around the text of the credits so that’s why each screenshot looks like it has a funky aspect ratio.  Episode: The Reverse Peephole

You want a piece of me – A scene so great, even the blooper reel of this is worth checking out.  Episode: The Little Kicks

Uncle Leo – Ending this Seinfeld video game / comic thing the way we started it: with a simple greeting.  Episode: The Wife

Here are two extra strips I did not originally post, but have decided to post them here.

Jeffrey – This one was replaced by Metallica.  I decided to swap them because I didn’t believe there was enough context for the reader to understand what was being talked about.  It was such a side joke to a character we, the viewer, have never seen.  But I really love this scene -- especially Jerry’s reaction to Uncle Leo’s answer.  Episode: The Glasses

FDR – This was from the backwards episode.  The original idea for this strip was to capture the scene where Kramer was going between Jerry’s and FDR’s apartments.  The problem with that scene is it would take around 15-20 panels.  The Soup Nazi one was already way too long with 16 panels.  Because of this, I chose another scene.  I always liked the discussion between Kramer, George, and Jerry talking about FDR, so I used that scene instead.  Ultimately I decided to not use this one because I don’t like breaking up one person’s dialog across two panels.  I’m not sure if the joke carries over for the reader or if I need to include ellipsis at the end of the first panel.  Episode: The Betrayal

Big thanks to  This is where I got pretty much all of the dialog from.  Without their hard work, transcribing what each character’s lines were would have been a huge pain to do.

Posted on: December 23, 2014