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Not to be confused with the goon squad
August 29, 2016 | 20:54 | Written by: snake911

So I saw Suicide Squad and I have to say it was pretty darn good considering even after hearing mild criticism from others who saw it before I did.  I’m sure it helped in lowering my expectations a bit so to curb what I may have expected out of this movie that bundles a bunch of characters together.  Maybe those who saw it before me didn’t like it were comparing it to The Avengers movies or any of the other Marvel films that lassoes heroes together for a cause.

Actually, even I had doubts about it when I saw the first trailer earlier this year.  I heard of the comic, but only by name, and it is a cool idea of forcing a bunch of villains together to actually help out for once rather than wreaking havoc in whatever city they may be in, but there was just something that wasn’t clicking with me, so I had mild expectations when I saw the first trailer.

In the end, I was glad I saw it.  Sure, it wasn’t a perfect flick as I have some criticisms towards it, but this is also coming from someone who hasn’t read the comic, so I don’t know what changes were made when making the film adaptation.  What I can say is I’m glad the cast was a big as it was so it could soften the annoying one liners Harley Quinn was making throughout the movie.  "I'm known to be quite vexing."  "We’re bad guys.  It’s what we do."  Barf.

Overall, the production was high quality and I really liked the soundtrack that included a lot of classic rock and some club music.  But what I didn’t know going in is that there is some bleed over to what is planning to be the forming of the Justice League, so that was cool to see.

Oh, and so you know, I’m planning to go all in with DC's gathering of super heroes so I’m planning to see the upcoming Wonder Woman, Flash, and…uh…Aqua Man films.  But that last one is a tall order to make good, so I hope they are going all in with that one rather than already writing it off as the least profit earning one from this series.  Who knows, maybe everyone’s expectations will be so low for that one that it will become a mega smash hit after word spreads from friends and family about how it was better than they expected it to be and then later seeing kids everywhere no longer wearing Iron Man tee shirts but instead Aqua Man clothing.  Ha! Like that will happen.

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