The Ill Communication

January 26, 2014 | 21:49 | Written by: snake911

Currently watching The Aquabats! Super Show!  I watched a few episodes when it originally aired on the Hub Network, but watched them out of order and scattered throughout the season.  I knew there was somewhat of a consistent story and wanted to see it completely and in order.  I now have the DVD and it’s been great so far.  I’m about halfway through the season.

So far my favorite episode is episode three -- EagleClaw!  This episode mainly stars EagleBones Falconhawk where he creates tension for the group because of his ego and thinking he is the one carrying the band.  All of this begins at a concert where EagleBones plays a guitar solo and steals the spotlight away from the rest of the band.  Then enters his brother, EagleClaw (Jon Heder), who gets his attention by trying to blow up the band with a bomb after the concert.  EagleBones handles it alone (going solo) and faces his brother without the aid of his friends.

When he meets up with EagleClaw, he finds out his brother wants to get revenge because he believes he stole the girl he had a crush on -- Autumn Escalante.  After a battle with his brother with laser powered guitars, EagleClaw is the victor, telling his brother, “You might wanna rethink that solo career.”  Which he then slashes EagleBones’ helmet with his claws and leaves him in the desert.

When EagleBones wakes up, he’s visited by The Spirit of the Sun (Lou Diamond Phillips).  Because he agrees to stop going solo and open himself up to his friends, The Spirit of the Sun gives him a glove so he can summon a spirit animal called The Dude.  She is invisible, so he also grants EagleBones the gift of second sight to see “beyond the surface of reality.”

EagleBones apologizes to his friends and asks them to help him put a stop to his brother.  They agree and meet up with EagleClaw to do battle.  The band is almost defeated when EagleBones calls The Dude to grab EagleClaw’s laser guitar and destroys it.  EagleClaw then retreats, leaving the band to hear EagleBones talk about his spirit animal, which the band does not believe he has.

Great episode.

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