The Ill Communication

There’s a good mix here. With this being the largest tube in my collection, it contains a butt busting 81 pogs! Nowhere near the size of some people who had tubes that were, like, literally three feet in length, but I’m someone who always believed in quality over quantity, even back then.

Like in the previous tube, you’ll see some pogs that have a staple in it. I didn’t do that. That came from the manufacturer. I don’t understand the reason for a company to staple a pog, but at the school I went to, pogs with staples in them were considered a higher value when compared to a regular pog. Also, pogs with a mirrored, reflective background were considered more expensive, too. We called those ones “shinnies.” WHO MADE UP THESE RULES?!

Posted on: August 27, 2015