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January 9, 2017 | 19:27 | Written by: snake911

Hope everyone enjoyed that short exploration of Microsoft Home software because that last one with a big dive into Scenes with screensavers and wallpapers was the final one.  Actually, I know you guys like them as those blog entries are one the most trafficked pages on the site.  It was short lived, but I was able to cover all five major categories the catalog of software had to offer, which was my mission all along, so I'm proud to say the mission was a success.  But don't fret because as one feature gets sunset, another will take its place; and this time it's going to get its own section.

I'm pretty excited for this one.  This is one of those ideas I had mulling over in my brain for a number of years now, but am now finally getting my butt in gear to finally put it out.  Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: Ghost in the Shell: Post Factum.

So I'm a fan of Ghost in the Shell, and have been a fan since 2004 when the TV series premiered in the US.  Yeah, I knew about the franchise much earlier when I was first exposed to it when playing the demo for the PS1 game back in 1997, but I really didn't get into it until the TV show aired; and since then I've been a fan of it.  Well, to be honest, more like a casual fan, as I never really consumed anything other than the TV shows, the original game, or the first manga book.  I kept buying everything GitS related over a decade's time between 2005 and 2010, but never actually took anything out of the shrink wrap.

But now that the live action film of the series is coming out soon, it's acting as a motivation in an effort to finally get through all of the material before the movie debuts in what should be late March.  So over the next several months, I'll be dumping my opinions regarding every book, movie, TV show, and games related franchise into their own articles, so you can get a small sampling of the content that inspired the live action movie.  My goal is to be finished with this feature before the movie premiers.  That's a tight deadline, but I think I can make it; even though Let it Die has been hampering my efforts!

Now even though I hate spoilers and I try to make my write-ups as spoiler free as possible (like my games journal feature), I'm going to make an exception for this feature, so expect to see spoilers throughout it.  I'll provide a warning on the hub page for this feature, so be cautious if you don't want anything ruined in the way of me telling you certain plot points or endings!

And due to the rush in getting this feature accomplished, the index page and a few other things will look bare bones and lite on original designs.  All of that will be added later on after I've written all of the content.  So expect the index page to get a facelift after it's all done.  To get to the index page, click the image you see at the top of this entry, or click the link on the right-hand side of this website where the other features are at.  The first batch of content should be hitting the website next week.  Hope you'll stick around for them :-)

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