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Play'em if you got them
March 6, 2017 | 20:30 | Written by: snake911

Went to a car wash this weekend while running some errands and came across a small collection of cabinets in the waiting area.  And making use of retail space, they have not one but TWO multi game cabinets: an MVS and an iCade.  The MVS had Puzzle Bobble, Super Sidekicks 2, Aero Fighters 2, and Metal Slug X.  I played Puzzle Bobble.

As for the iCade, it had a wide range of classics sort of acting like an arcade within itself.  Also, I didn’t know the iCade system could be connected to a full blown cabinet?  Pretty rad though, because I normally like to get the premo wash so it takes a while until my car is ready, so I’ll just kill some time here.

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