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Patience is a virtue II
December 1, 2016 | 20:59 | Written by: snake911

Holy macaroni!  It finally came in!

Nearly five years in the making, I just received the final boxed product of the first Kickstarter project I ever backed: the Double Fine Adventure game.  When I originally placed my hard-earned dollars towards this project back in spring of 2012, I had no clue it would have taken this long to get everything that I wanted from the tier I pledged at.  Since backing the project I moved twice, went through two general elections, and saw two other Double Fine related productions with Amnesia Fortnight 2012 and 2014.  Yikes!

To be fair though, they did finish the game a while back and made it available to backers, but I didn't want to play it until I got it from the box; which by the way is in the awesome old school big box PC game packaging, which fits nicely with my old school PC game collection.

So, out of the five Kickstarter projects I backed, this is number two that is now 100% complete.  After the Scroll magazine and Double Fine Adventure, I'm now waiting for the Retronauts DVD, Shenmue 3, and the indie game Home Free.

But no pressure though.  I'll wait for quality output rather than a rushed crap job.  I'm patient.  I waited just about five years for this project.


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