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New kicks
January 30, 2017 | 19:32 | Written by: snake911

Both my car and me for about a year now have been in desperate need for some new footwear, so over the weekend I finally decided to help out my car first by giving it a new set of tires.

Beaut, right?  I went with Yokohama this time as many people on enthusiast forums for my car (Honda Fit – 2nd gen) say that Yokohama's are a good brand to go with.  Never having used that brand before I took the plunge after doing some research on the performance of their all season tires.  And after a few days of driving I have to say I made the right decision.

Granted I've only had them installed since Saturday, but I can already feel the difference in how my car handles.  One of the biggest changes I've felt is how much better it is at turning corners.  Before it always felt as if the back tires were only one degree away from sliding outwards, causing a spin out; but now I don't feel that anymore when I go on a circular freeway onramp.  In addition to turning, accelerating is better as it feels like it's gripping the road tighter than before when the tires felt they were floating slightly above the surface like if I was hydroplaning, even though it wasn't raining.  And just overall, the ride is much smoother to where I'm not feeling every little bump on the road anymore.

The last time I had my tires replaced were four years ago and it showed.  The treads were basically gone making it look like I had racing slicks, alignment was way off on I think three tires, and there was a large lump on one of the tires, giving a sign that it was on the verge of bursting any minute.  My M.O. is usually to replace my tires when one of them blows out, but with a generous donation, I took the initiative to get the tires I wanted and replaced them before that happened. Thanks Dad!

I decided to go with the full package, so in addition to getting four new tires, I also got balancing, alignment, and replaced my brake pads.  It's amazing how changing your tires could make it feel like you've bought a brand new car!

Next I'll be replacing my shoes, because like my tires, the treading on the soles are practically gone, the padding has been worn thin and flaking, and the heels feel like they're lower than the rest of my feet.  Bleh.

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