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Musica! Musica! Musica!
May 21, 2016 | 09:24 | Written by: snake911

Man, a lot of good songs have been coming out within the last few weeks, but not from new artists --I’m increasingly not caring about new bands as I’m old and stuck to what I liked when I was in my teens and early twenties. All these bands I’m about to discuss are all rock, all roll, all soul.

First there was the new Blink 182 track that I mentioned a few posts back, but around the same time Garbage debut the first single from their new album slated to come out in June. "Empty" is a great song that includes some of that familiar guitar and synths I know the band for from their hits and the meaning behind the lyrics stay in line of someone with insecurities with themselves. If this one track is a representation for the rest of the album, we’re in for a treat in June when it’s released.

Then there’s RHCP with the album The Getaway that’s also scheduled to come out in June. The first single for it is a song titled “Dark Necessities.” It begins with a great intro with a heavy bass and guitar, slowly building momentum as they play together. A piano enter and creeps into the foreground and then smack, it’s just the bass with an awesome funk sound to it that leads us into the vocals of the song. I could go on about “Dark Necessities” but this take my word that all 5 minutes of it is good from start to finish.

It’s really shaping up to be a great summer of music for 2016, and it’s all in early summer! Come on, August. Don’t let us down.

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