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January 18, 2014 | 12:03 | Written by: snake911

Earlier this week The Crystal Method performed at KCRW promoting their latest self-titled studio album.  It was a powerful set of tracks and the performance was outstanding.  It is available to listen on demand from KCRW’s website.

They played six tracks, of which four are from the new album.  My favorite tracks were "Over It" and "Storm the Castle."  "Over It" features vocals from Dia Frampton where she includes a heavenly voice to the song, which is over some heavy guitar playing.  "Storm the Castle" has a lot of energy to it and kept my attention from start to end.  I also enjoyed hearing "Play for Real" and "Emulator."  They closed the performance with a remix to "Born Too Slow," which was from Legion of Boom.

Listening to them reminded me that they provided the soundtrack to an old game from the PlayStation called N2O: Nitrous Oxide.  I played a demo of this game back when it was originally released, and thought it would be cool to continue playing it, but I never got around to pick it up and play the full game.  I now had the itch to play it, so I downloaded it from PSN and just finished playing a few hours of it.  Guys, let me tell you: while the music is great, the game itself is not too hot.

It’s kind of weird.  The game is fast paced and slow at the same time.  It definitely is sensory overload.  Especially in the visuals.  For me, the game is way too fast as in there are too many enemies on the screen at one time and you’re moving too fast to actually comprehend what’s happening.  This is a high score kind of game so it gives a ton of info during the tutorial on how to increase your score, but in the end, all you’re doing is shooting anything that moves.  And what I mean by the game is slow is that your weapons don’t seem to fire at the rate you want it to.  Making it like you are not really shooting.  But the soundtrack is fantastic.  It includes tracks from their debut album Vegas.

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