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January 19, 2017 | 23:26 | Written by: snake911

It's here!  The first entries for the Ghost in the Shell feature that covers the materials of the franchise prior to the soon to be released live-action film are here for your perusal.  This first duping of content includes all of the OG media that's critically acclaimed.

As noted in an earlier blog entry, these are sort of but not really reviews for the listed media, along with some personal opinions dashed in for some originality.  Hey, this is my personal blog after all, so it should come as no surprise.  All of this is to let people get a glance of the Ghost in the Shell world that inspired the upcoming movie starring Scarlett Johansson, which I’m anticipating to watch when it comes out, but am also cautiously optimistic to see if it’ll be good enough to capture the reasons why this franchise is so great.

The order which I’m releasing these may be a bit off from a US release standpoint.  When I organized everything by date via a spreadsheet, I decided to go with the Japanese release dates, but using the dates in which the collective books (tankobon) were published instead of the original comic release dates.  That seemed to make the most sense to order this feature.

Oh, and remember that there will be some spoilers in this GitS feature, so watch out if you're sensitive to knowing plotlines or characters, or endings.  I'm noting it here and at the top of the index page too, so consider yourselves warned!

Ghost in the Shell - Manga

The one that started it all and spawned a huge cash cow for Shirow Masamune.  Oh yeah, in this entire feature I’m referring to him as "Shirow Masamune" rather than what I believe is actually "Masamune Shirow."  Why?  Because all of the US content has it shown with Shirow as the first name, so that’s why and I’m sticking to it.

Ghost in the Shell - Film

I think most people were introduced to the Ghost in the Shell universe starting with the 1995 film rather than the manga.  Acclaimed by many including Roger Ebert, it’s become a classic for both cyberpunk and anime buffs alike.  In terms of availability, I think it’s on every streaming service, so it shouldn’t be very difficult to track down if you want to watch it.

Ghost in the Shell - Game

I don’t think a lot of people know about the PS1 game that allows you to control a Fuchikoma.  The proof for that may be the reasoning as to why the price for the game on eBay is so darned high: a minimum amount of copies exist.  And if that’s the case, then that’s a real shame because it’s a fantastic game with great graphics, fun gameplay, and a cool soundtrack.  Un-oh, I think this article might have upped the price on eBay by a few bucks.

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