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Diaries from the Tower of Barbs -- Entry 02
February 9, 2017 | 19:32 | Written by: snake911

Seriously? It's already been a month and a half since I wrote the previous entry for this!  Man, time is flying way too fast.  Would someone please slow it down before I reach retirement age as I still got a lot of saving I need to do before I leave the workforce.

Any who, last I left off I was at the front door of the first boss and thanks to some serious grinding I was able to defeat him with little effort.  It was a relief to know all of that work paid off in the end, otherwise the difficulty might have spooked me from continuing.  Another benefit for pressing forward is the change of scenery.

I'm outside!  No more of those underground areas as I can now see the Tower of Barbs from where I stand, which oddly glistens like a jewel at night.  I like having the ability to see where I'm at on the tower, giving a barometer or sorts showing my progress for how much further I need to climb.  No more of those claustrophobic areas that mash together sewer tunnels, water channels, and maintenance corridors.  Now that I'm on the surface, I've been running around the streets, collecting new raw materials for new weapons and armor.

I've been finding a lot of projectile type weapons like auto rifles, shotguns, and the such.  And just like before, grinding has taken up a huge chunk of time over the past month, trying to master some weapons and increase the durability for my clothes as armor.  A lot of what I need requires going out and seeking a rare material that pops up randomly, so it's never guaranteed I'll find some during a raid for resources.  That's too bad because I think I lost two weeks just trying to find this material alone.

For Tokyo Death Metro, I decided to chill on building up fighters to my current star ranking, which is three.  Unlike the one star army I built up over the course of two days, now just maxing out one three-star fighter takes a week of playing!  I'm not going to upgrade all my fighters just to tear them down after a new star ranking occurs after I've climbed a few extra floors.  I think I'll take the time in building up all my fighters once I get to the highest star ranking in the game, which I believe is five, but we'll see.  In the meantime, I'll improve on my defenses by giving my fighters better armor and weapons and increasing my bank defenses.

Lately I've been buying a lot of mushroom stew to get permanent decals for my fighters.  I got tired of losing some really good ones whenever I died during a TDM match.  So far my mandatory decals of choice are the stamina and defense ones along with another that will increase the durability for whatever type of weapon I need to use the most.  The two decals I'm hoping to get are (1) the one that increases HP by 40% and (2) the one that cuts the time in half for maxing out a fighter's skills.  If I get that last one, I may consider investing time in ranking up more fighters.

I wasn't planning to, but on a whim I went forward with fighting the second boss late last week.  Even with all the grinding I did, mastering, and upgrading weapons, that dude took forever to beat!  If I'm remembering correctly, I think the timer was at 45 minutes for me to finish it.  Zoiks!

But now with a new change in scenery again, I'm now freaked the heck out because of the change.  Get me back to the streets!  On top pf that, I feel vulnerable because my fighter is severely weaker than the screamers on these floors, so I hope a new star ranking is unlocked soon because I need it.

That's all to report for now from the Tower of Barbs.  Until next time, happy climbing!

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