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Diaries from the Tower of Barbs -- Entry 01
December 27, 2016 | 20:45 | Written by: snake911

So Let it Die has been a real time suck for me over the past month.  While it's not the only thing I do, it has taken the free time of my free time away; meaning, time dedicated to working on this site, so that explains the reasoning why entries have recently stopped.  But man I'm having a good time with this game.  So much that I decided to showcase my activates in the game with a series of blog entries titled Diaries from the Tower of Barbs.  I figured I might as well benefit from it by having some sort of documentation of what the heck I'm doing in the game.

In the beginning I was running up the tower, getting to the first mini boss pretty quickly, but getting to that point in the game unlocked the online component called Tokyo Death Metro, a sort of multiplayer aspect of the game, and since then my progress of climbing the tower has come to a sudden halt.  It bothers me a lot when I log back into the game to find out that other players have raided my base, so since week 2 of playing, I've been very slowly building up my base's defenses in hopes of slowing down jerks from stealing my kill coins, but more importantly, my precious SPLithium.

While raiding, I notice other players will focus more attention on strengthening their banks, making it more difficult to break one of them by beating it mercilessly with weapons or old fashion fists.  For me I went the other route that involves ordering your fighters to defend the base, but that is the long and arduous route that involves a lot of time and patience of building up your bank with enough currency to buy more space in your fighter freezer and then leveling up your new fighters so they are a strong enough of a defense when people raid my base.  And for a while it was working, as many people were dying and leaving chalk outlines of their bodies in my base, but things started to change and it wasn't as effective as it once was.

Purposely, I've been staying at a lower rank so I wouldn't be clobbered by higher ranking foes, so I haven't gone beyond what I believe is the room where the first boss encounter is at.  Instead, I've been exploring the floors below, seeing every room that I unlock by defeating the mini bosses.  With eight fighters currently guarding my base, it's more of a quantity than a quality defense, but all of that is going to change now that I've recently discovered that you can upgrade your weapons at the store.  Silly me, I thought it was a one-and-done purchase where the only thing you need to do afterwards is level up the weapons by using them while running through the tower, but now that I know I can add plus X (+1, +2, +3, etc.) to weapons and clothing, I'm now on the hunt by collecting as much raw materials I can find to upgrade everything so the number of raids begin to decrease again as I dress my fighters with better clothes for armor and weapons for slaughtering.  Can you tell I don't play very many RPGs to figure out the basic item leveling system most games have? ;-)

Now my mallets are more effective than they were before (was wondering why they started to suck as of late) and I'm looking for as much iron, wood, oil, and cotton I can get to upgrade what I need before moving on to the first boss as I feel the battle is going to be rough.  I'm hoping to be done grinding by next week so I can be strong enough to progress further up the Tower of Barbs.  Oh and by the way -- those Jackals are very intimidating!

And that does it for the first entry!  Not much to report but grinding, but it's all gearing up for some grand battles coming up, so the payoff should be happening soon.  As for this feature, don't expect it to be a frequent one.  I'll probably do one every three weeks or when I feel enough has happened to warrant an update.

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