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Cowboy Android!

February 6, 2014 | 17:47 | Written by: snake911

Here is another great episode from The Aquabats! Super Show!

It starts with the group trying to rid a monster -- a giant mole rat -- from a mine.  Chased out of the mine by the monster, MC Bat Commander lit a stick of dynamite and threw it into the mine; causing a cave in.  This saved everyone by trapping the monster in the cave, but the miners are now ticked because they can’t work.

The group leaves, but Jimmy the Robot tells MCBC that he needs to plan ahead before acting.  MCBC says he’s not a thinker, but rather a “man of action” and just “winging it.”  Unfortunately, the battletram runs out of gas, forcing the group to walk through the desert.  They eventually come across an old western style town and go to the saloon for some water.  This is where they meet the Sheriff; which who isn’t welcoming to the group.

Chaos ensues as an old time saloon fight breaks out where the patrons in the bar are told by the Sheriff to fight the team.  During the fight, a chair is smashed over the Sheriff’s head. This caused his face to come off, revealing that he’s an android.  He shots MCBC with his laser pistol knocking him out.  Next he arrests the group.  Waking up in a jail cell, MCBC sees that his friends are tied in nooses ready to be hanged.  MCBC is rescued by kids who free him by unlocking the cell and giving him ointment for his wound.  They note that “people try to escape, but no one ever makes it.”  And that he needs to make a plan.  Although, his plan is to run crazy in the streets.  This catches the Sheriff’s attention long enough for the team to get out of their nooses and escape into the desert with MCBC.

They come across a group of cars and start looking for gas.  In an ice chest, Crash finds a cheese ball and Jimmy discovers a brochure for an old west town that has the android from the movie Cowboy Androids.  This is where they put the info together and figure the cars are from the townspeople and that they are being held captive against their own will from the android Sheriff.  Jimmy believes that the desert heat may have short circuited his wiring; turning him evil.  MCBC gets upset because the group believes his lack of planning put them in this situation.  In a fit, he runs off by himself and takes Crash’s cheese ball.  This leaves the team to come up with a plan in case MCBC does not.

They decide to confront the android with a showdown.  They outsmart it in the beginning by covering themselves with hubcaps so they wont be an easy target for the android’s laser pistol.  But one-by-one the group falls.  But MCBC comes running into town with the mole rat monster chasing him.  He’s luring the monster with the cheese ball.  MCBC then sticks it onto the android.  This is where the monster attacks the android, ripping it into pieces and takes the cheese ball and flies off.  The townsfolk are now free to leave, but when they do, the group forgets to ask them for gas.  Now with a plan, MCBC walks forward.  His plan is to walk through the desert until they find gas.

He was a metal man with a quick draw hand
With his trusty laser pistol he’d protect the wild land
The Cowboy Android Sheriff he was feared by all
Outlaws would scatter when they heard his call

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January 26, 2014 | 21:49 | Written by: snake911

Currently watching The Aquabats! Super Show!  I watched a few episodes when it originally aired on the Hub Network, but watched them out of order and scattered throughout the season.  I knew there was somewhat of a consistent story and wanted to see it completely and in order.  I now have the DVD and it’s been great so far.  I’m about halfway through the season.

So far my favorite episode is episode three -- EagleClaw!  This episode mainly stars EagleBones Falconhawk where he creates tension for the group because of his ego and thinking he is the one carrying the band.  All of this begins at a concert where EagleBones plays a guitar solo and steals the spotlight away from the rest of the band.  Then enters his brother, EagleClaw (Jon Heder), who gets his attention by trying to blow up the band with a bomb after the concert.  EagleBones handles it alone (going solo) and faces his brother without the aid of his friends.

When he meets up with EagleClaw, he finds out his brother wants to get revenge because he believes he stole the girl he had a crush on -- Autumn Escalante.  After a battle with his brother with laser powered guitars, EagleClaw is the victor, telling his brother, “You might wanna rethink that solo career.”  Which he then slashes EagleBones’ helmet with his claws and leaves him in the desert.

When EagleBones wakes up, he’s visited by The Spirit of the Sun (Lou Diamond Phillips).  Because he agrees to stop going solo and open himself up to his friends, The Spirit of the Sun gives him a glove so he can summon a spirit animal called The Dude.  She is invisible, so he also grants EagleBones the gift of second sight to see “beyond the surface of reality.”

EagleBones apologizes to his friends and asks them to help him put a stop to his brother.  They agree and meet up with EagleClaw to do battle.  The band is almost defeated when EagleBones calls The Dude to grab EagleClaw’s laser guitar and destroys it.  EagleClaw then retreats, leaving the band to hear EagleBones talk about his spirit animal, which the band does not believe he has.

Great episode.

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