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Jack's back

March 15, 2017 | 20:47 | Written by: snake911

No, not that JackThis Jack:

This past Saturday was the premiere for the latest season of Samurai Jack, and wow was it great!  Bonkers to believe it's been over a decade since the last episode aired back in 2004.

The obvious big change is how he looks so incredibly different from the original series (not art style, I mean his appearance).  Here he has a beard, wears heavy armor, rides around on a dirty, noisy motorcycle, and uses a small arsenal of firearms rather than a sword; making a striking contrast to what he used to look like.

Since this was the first episode it had a lot of ground to cover for setting up all that's to come in this latest season, and because of that, this 30 minute episode felt more like 60 minutes.  But that's a good thing because every minute of it was extremely entertaining.  We get a lot of time with Jack to get an idea of what he's like now, which is a confused, lost, and tired individual.  It'll be interesting to see how he develops as a character with this new season.

I also like the idea of this small pack of ladies that've been trained all their lives to seek and kill Jack.  In fact, all of the antagonists that were shown in this episode were really cool.  So if every episode is going to be like this one, then I'm excited to see it all the way through.

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Super (Surly) Sunday

February 7, 2017 | 22:44 | Written by: snake911

Well that was a turn around.

A turn around for a lot of things during this Super Sunday.  To begin, I'm not the biggest fan of football (I prefer hockey) so I barely have enough eagerness to care to watch just one full game and that's the Super Bowl; the granddaddy of them all.  I like it because it's an event that lasts all day.  There's the pregame entertainment, the halftime show, the party you go to watch the game at, the food, and of course the game itself.

The food was great, being a huge platter of nothing but snacks, chowing down on pizza, cocktail weenies, chips and dip, taquitos, sandwiches, soda, and dessert.  Today I can feel that a large bowel movement is nearing, so it would be wise if I were near a toilet all day in case of…you know.

While I don't really care for football, I know the Patriots are a team that constantly wins and everybody loves to hate, so I jumped on the bandwagon of being a Pats hater and wanted Atlanta to win.  That and the fact that my middle school used the Atlanta Falcons logo for its PE uniforms, so there was a weak, but connection nonetheless for me to root for them.

This meant the first period was great.  Seeing the Patriots with a point deficit that huge brought a smile to my face.  I even received a laugh when I said that Tom Brady is looking a bit deflated when the camera showed a close-up of his face, frowning just before he ran off the field for halftime.

Speaking of which, I wasn't too impressed with it.  But that doesn't come as a big surprise since I don't care for Lady Gaga.  There wasn't even a special guest singer to surprise everyone in the middle of the show.  Overall, I'd give this year's halftime show a C-.  Try better next time Pepsi, or whoever plans the show!

Entertainments from the commercials were subpar too.  I get we're in the middle of a really weird political period right now, but I was hoping to have the game be used as an escapism for a few hours where I don't have to see or care for any of that mess.  But no, there were a many ads that were trying to send a message of their opinions of things.  Where were the jokes?  The funnies?  The nuck nucks?  However, I did see the commercial for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live-action film, and it gave me a glimmer of hope that it'll be good.  Fingers crossed that it ultimatley will be!

Then the game itself, where the Patriots made a miracle happen when they turned it around where they ended the game in a tie and then won it during overtime.  How'd that happen!  I can tell that everybody but New England were unhappy about how things turned out.  Me though, I made out like a bandit because I was able to take home the platter of crackers, cheese, and sausage slices.  I have Lunchables sandwiches for dayz!!!!!11!!!1!!

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So that happened...

November 29, 2016 | 21:20 | Written by: snake911

Intruder III was odd, but overall good.

I do like the fact that Tom and Sara are back in space, cruising the intergalactic highway where they belong; though the reason why they had to leave the planet was weird and a bit rushed, but still glad it was a reason for them to leave it.  So all is good, I guess.

While I thought being on Shogo 162 was a cool change of pace -- especially because of the events that occurred from Intruder II -- I felt being on an abandoned base was getting a bit stale.  As the supplement for the latest Intruder, I still need to read the comic to get the backstory, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to check it out.

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A show and then a dinner

November 24, 2016 | 11:24 | Written by: snake911

What has become a Thanksgiving tradition for me, I watch an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 before leaving to my folks place for Thanksgiving dinner, allowing myself to catch up on the big hits of the show that I missed prior to the Mike Nelson days.  Why only on Thanksgiving when I can watch it anytime on their official YouTube channel?  The answer is quite simple: I'm reminded when I see people on social media begin to retweet the streaming marathon they do for their traditional Turkey Day Marathon.

Yep, when it was originally airing, I got on board towards the end during the Sci-Fi Channel days, totally missing out on the Joel era, where I hear a lot more references to than the time Mike was the host.  Take last year for example when I finally got around to watching the Mitchell episode.  What a piece of gold that is!

This year?  Of course I couldn't resist catching up on the episode where they rift on the infamous film Manos: The Hands of Fate.  And after watching it I now get the references that movie is known for; although I was confused for a bit when I was watching that short about leadership titled Hired that was shown before the main feature.  I thought to myself how the heck does leadership and selling cars have to with a guy who wears a cloak with red hands imprinted on them?

Now that the show is over, it's now time to get ready to go and celebrate with family with a stuffed bird with all the fixin's.  To all in the US, have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Everyone else…the same as well!

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A short review

October 27, 2016 | 22:45 | Written by: snake911

Really digging Atlanta.  I'm only on episode 3, so I still got some catching up to do, but I like what I've seen so far.  There's a well-balanced amount of comedy and drama where neither one overpowers the other.  In terms of characters I'm liking Alfred "Paper Boi" the most with his comedic dialog he has with Darius.

And in addition to balance, this definitely equalizes the heavy amount of Frasier watching I've been binging into lately.

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