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Oh thank heaven

February 20, 2015 | 22:22 | Written by: snake911

Help!  I’m addicted to these dumb iced coffees from 7-eleven.  I’ve been buying them all week long and I’m rapidly running out of money!  I don’t even care for coffee or the taste, but thank goodness it’s Friday so the routine can be broken.  I think next week I’ll prep ahead and just bring a container of chocolate milk to work instead.









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You’re so sweet

December 21, 2014 | 12:42 | Written by: snake911


Using the holiday season as an excuse, I’ve been indulging in a large quantity of sweets.  My largest step in accelerating towards getting diabetes comes from this concoction of sugar and calories I created a few weeks back.

It’s a cookie you can get from Costco called Chocolate Chunk Cookies.  It’s a chocolate cookie with chunks of chocolate in it and the bottom half of the cookie is dipped in dark chocolate.  Yikes!  That in itself is bad, but to top it off I add some whipped cream to it.  And there you have it!  A holiday treat no one will want to pass up.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few hours worth of running on a treadmill to work off the sleeve of cookies I just consumed.

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The doctor is in*

November 20, 2014 | 19:47 | Written by: snake911

With the summer season finally leaving California and winter coming into view, the winds pick up and the air gets very dry.  This is the time of the year when my nose usually bleeds like crazy from even the smallest of nose blows.  I lived with this for many years and just lived with the fact that I have a sensitive nose and feared the slightest movements (even just turning my head over my pillow while sleeping in bed, for crying out loud!) would trigger blood to bust out and gush for a while.

But then I realized something last year.  It was my diet that was causing nose bleeds!  Well, to be more exact, for creating the potential to have nose bleeds.

You see, my diet was very lacking in roughage.  Last year is when I stared changing my habits and began eating more salads.  In fact, most of my lunches now consist of salads.  When researching nutritious values of foods, I noticed leafy greens such as lettuce -- and especially spinach and kale – include huge helpings of Vitamins A, B, and K.  When looking into what the benefits of vitamin K are, I found out it helps with blood clotting.  Not the bad clotting that comes with eating a lot of meat, but the good clotting where it clots up when you cut yourself and a scab appears to stop the blood from spewing out of your body.

Based on, a cup of lettuce contains 22% of your daily value for vitamin K, while spinach has a healthy 181%, and kale has a whopping 684%!

Since including much more vegetables in my diet, my sensitivity to nose bleeds have dropped significantly.  And in the rare instance that I do get one, it quickly stops.  As you see in the photo, I dress up my salads with a lot of stuff.  Recently my salads consist of half lettuce and half kale or spinach, grape tomatoes, sliced carrots, croutons, shredded cheese, and a very small splash of fat free Italian dressing (so the cheese could stick to the greens and won’t all drop to the bottom of the bowl).  Most lunches also consist of apple slices and washed down with iced tea.

In addition to my lunches, I also snack on sliced celery sticks.  I cut them into small pieces so I can easily pop them into my mouth like potato chips.  I usually just drink water with that.

For a while I was thinking of researching pills to help with my nose bleeds, but it seems a simple change to my diet was all that was needed.  Take that, pharmaceutical industry!

* I’m not a doctor and my findings may be have been just a coincidence as to why my nose bleeds aren’t happening as often as they use to.  Consult with your doctor for anything relating to your health.  Don’t take nutritional advice from a dopey online stranger with a personal blog mostly covering video games and TV shows. ^_^

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Los Doyers

September 28, 2014 | 21:18 | Written by: snake911


It's been a while since I've been to a Dodgers game, but I finally broke my long-term absence with that yesterday when I returned to the stadium to see them battle the Rockies.  I had a good time and it was a fun evening had by all I went with.

We definitely got our moneys worth for our tickets as this game went into extra innings -- 12 to be exact!  But it was awesome to leave seeing the home team win the game.  Of course I had a traditional Dodger Dog, but later during the forth inning we stepped away from the game for a bit as my brother was looking to try the ridiculous Dodger Nacho Helmet.  This was a monolith snack that contained a grande sized nacho platter with all the fixin's placed into a 64oz Dodgers helmet.  This was a quest as this was only sold a few snack bars in the stadium.  We searched for a while but eventually found it; and you don't understand the size of this beast until you hold one in your hands.  Pepto-Bismol not included.

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Hillbilly juice, refined

September 7, 2014 | 14:20 | Written by: snake911


It’s always been hit-or-miss for Mountain Dew whenever they release a new flavor.  And while I was skeptical at first, I have been enjoying their latest concoction: Solar Flare.  It’s basically Mountain Dew with a tropical punch taste, but man, they sure didn’t skimp out on the flavor as this one is intense.  The backside when gulping has such an extreme tropical punch kick to it that it would even make Hawaiian Punch's mascot, Punchy, take notice.

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