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Construction complete

February 3, 2014 | 20:37 | Written by: snake911

Well, I’m pretty much finished designing the site the way I want it to look like.  Learning the ins and outs of this cms was pretty neat.  It also refreshed my knowledge of web design that I took back in college.  There may be a few tweaks you’ll see in the coming weeks, but it’s basically done.

I also have a confession to make.  The design of this site was pretty much stolen from another website (gasp).  However, the webmaster for that other site likes to redesign his site a lot.  So since my site is two or three designs behind his current one, I’m considering it abandoned and up for grabs.  Thus, I’ve taken it for myself.

Below is a screenshot of what the website looked like when it launched with the default template.


Below is a screenshot of the placeholder for the website before I got the cms setup.

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January 31, 2014 | 21:31 | Written by: snake911

Earlier today on twitter, I noticed people were saying that the links for podcasts were dead.  Meaning, they might be slowly shutting the site down.  I’m guessing this really shouldn’t be a big surprise since we are coming up to the one year anniversary since 1up’s status switched to defunct.

Well, incase a permanent shutdown is eminent, I’m going to rush and get as much content as I can while the gettin’s good.  Specifically, I want to get the cover stories.  Man, some of those are fantastics reads!

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Under construction II

January 7, 2014 | 22:03 | Written by: snake911

At a snail’s pace, this site is starting to look like the way I want it to.  Color wise, at least.  I have some temp images in place just to get rid of some of the default template stuff.  I also need to remove some of the other default fillers, like that block to the right that keeps telling everyone that there’s no about page.

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Under construction

January 5, 2014 | 11:06 | Written by: snake911



Right now, this website is using the default theme from my blog’s cms.  Things will be changing over the next few days as until it gets to the point where I can say, it’s ok.  Let’s see how far I can break take it.

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January 4, 2014 | 20:42 | Written by: snake911

"This broadcast is intended solely for the enjoyment for all audiences.  Any rebroadcast or retransmission without the express written consent of Toonami and Cartoon Network is strictly prohibited."

Well, never mind that second sentence because I have no affiliation with either one of those establishments.  Anyways, welcome if you either intentionally or accidently stumbled upon this website.  This is going to be my personal blog so I can spew my opinions onto the internet for all to see (whether you like it or not).  But there is, however, a second reason.  This little corner of the internet is also intended for me to get familiar with this whole “web” thing.  You know, building websites and whatnot.

Get ready to see a website full of grammatical and spelling errors.

OK, three, two, one let's jam.

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