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May 13, 2014 | 20:26 | Written by: snake911

I’ve been a fan of Bleach ever since the TV series began airing here in the states.  Shortly after it began airing I decided to get into the manga, which is now my preferred way of progressing with the series.  I fell behind a few years ago because there was a time when they were releasing the books very scarcely for about two years.  I’m catching up now and am currently at volume 50.  50!

With the start of a new arc, they’ve been showing single panel flashbacks from scenes as far back from the first few volumes.  Having all volumes up to 50, I’ve been re-reading the first 10 books.  Man, Kubo’s art style has changed throughout the series!

While reading these books, I totally forgot he used to dedicate the last few pages for character descriptions.  I used to love these because he even gave each character a theme from a real song.  I used to hunt down and listen to some of these songs to get figure out the relation of the character to the song.  In addition to this, I loved how the first volumes seemed to have a heavy influence from music in general.  Really subtle things like a t-shirt a character would be wearing.  Even the title of the series -- Bleach!  I don’t know if it has been confirmed in an interview, but the rumor was the name was based on the title of Nirvana’s first studio album.  That would be so rad if that rumor was true.

I’m about 10 volumes behind the current one and hope to catch up to it soon.  The anime series is right behind me and I want to read what happens rather than watch it.

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May 10, 2014 | 18:58 | Written by: snake911

I absolutely love this advertisement campaign for this classical music radio station in New York City -- WQXR.



I caught these pics on Twitter and was immediately interested in this station, and the weird thing is I don’t even like classical music.  Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate the genre, it’s just not on high on my list of music I would listen to.  I was impressed with the selection of programs they have on the station.  I also liked that they have an iPhone app, which is what I’ve been using to listen to the station since I live across the continent.

Huh, I guess advertising is everything.




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Sound check

May 9, 2014 | 22:44 | Written by: snake911


"Check.  Check.  Check 1.  Sibilance.  Sibilance.  Check.  Check.  Check 2.  Sibilance.  Sibilance."

It’s been a few days after I’ve updated the CMS, but the problem still exists.  Oh well, might as well go forward and have this website burn up as a white hot flame rather than a fizzle; even though that white hot flame will be fueled by a low octane level of gasoline I call “content.”

I have a few more ideas for the 16-bit Seinfeld series, so that will continue for a little bit, plus some other stuff.

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Transmission interruptus

March 22, 2014 | 17:03 | Written by: snake911

I haven't posted in about a week because I was doing an update to the backend of the website.  It was the first time I updated the CMS so I wasn't sure if it would screw anything up.  Well, it's been about a day since I applied the update and so far everything looks like it's not on fire.  All the pages seem fine and this blog entry looks okay, so I think we're back in business.

Hope everyone's liking the website.  Got some good things planned for content.

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Decisions and relics

March 14, 2014 | 22:41 | Written by: snake911

I’ve had a Sega Saturn for a few years now and I love it, but back in the day I did not have one.  I had to choose one console because when you’re a kid, money is very hard to come by for buying dumb stuff like video games.  For the previous generation I had a Genesis.  I loved Sega and was glad I jumped the Nintendo boat when it came time to choose either the SNES or Genesis.  For me and my tastes in games, Sega had the better games.  My friend was a Nintendo kid so he had a SNES.  This meant I was still able to play the exclusives at his house and vice versa.  We would always have debates on which console was the superior one.  Fun times were had by all.

Then came time to move on to the next generation of consoles.  My friend would get an N64 at launch, including a few games.  It was really fun to play Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64, but then came the question: what am I going to get?  I loved Sega, so the logical choice would have been to get the Saturn, but something about the Saturn did not get my attention as much as the Genesis did.  My other friend had a Saturn and he always talked about games like Virtua Cop 2, Daytona USA, and NiGHTS.  I was at a crossroads.  I was planning to get a console for my birthday and that was rapidly approaching.  What was I to do!  I know; these are the tough choices you have to make when you’re a kid.

But then something unexpected happened.

My friend who had the N64 had an older brother who had something called a PlayStation.  While his older bro was out he took me into his room to show me the PlayStation.  We played Tekken and Revolution X and that’s when I decided that my next console was going to be PlayStation.  Looking back that was the best choice because that was the top banana of that generation for it was the most popular with the most games to choose from.

But if I were a few years older, say in my late teens or in my twenties with a larger amount of cash to spend on stuff like games, I probably would have chosen the Saturn.

While the PlayStation gave a little something for everybody and the N64 seemed to be pointed more towards a younger crowd, the Saturn seemed to be for an older group that had a core interest in gaming.  You know, a more tight-knit community always talking about the latest news for the Saturn and whatnot.  This group would have some rough times ahead when Sega decided to give the console an early death to make way for the Dreamcast.  If you were into the Saturn, it seemed you were the type to start investing in Japanese imports.

When I started to dig deep into forums about Saturn related stuff I would occasionally run into a post where someone is referencing one of two websites dedicated to Saturn.  One is Dave’s Sega Saturn Page and the other is Dustin’s Saturn page.  I would definitely see more referencing the latter.  A few years ago, Dave’s Sega Saturn Page was brought back to life, though it’s mainly a site for archival purposes.  Most of the content was written during the time the Saturn was active.  Dustin’s website, however, was a tough one to find.  It took me a while, but I was finally able to find a link that I was able to plug into the Internet Archive and something turned up!

Both of these sites are great and have a wealth of knowledge about the Saturn.  Now I know why they were such great references for back then.  I figured they might be entertaining to peruse through so here are the links for them.


Dave’s Sega Saturn page


Dustin’s Saturn page


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March 11, 2014 | 20:53 | Written by: snake911

"Aww man, not again!"


Okay, Snakey, I promise this will be the last entry for a while related to The Aquabats! Super Show!

While watching the show, I noticed a character always in the background.  The commentary on the DVD later confirmed this.  There is a running gag in the background of every episode called the Fox Man.  More after the jump.

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